jrd-bp1 At Jimretouch we not only care for our clients but also for the environment and try our best whenever possible to promote good causes. Daily bulk retouching work, meetings and other activities can be a never ending job but we went out yesterday to spread awareness about smoke free Diwali. We all enjoy looking at fireworks but forget about how much harm its smoke is causing to our environment and to us as well. Every year thousands of children hurt themselves while playing with firecrackers and the smoke hurts each and every one internally which get unnoticed but shows its negative impact later on. Ask any Asthma patient how hard it becomes for them to breath with air full of smoke.

In real life there is no Photoshop which we can use to remove unwanted objects and make things greener. We have to start with ourselves and educate others about the importance of cleaner smoke free environment.

By avoiding or limiting the use of fireworks we can make this festival of Diwali a Green Diwali and make our planet a better place to live.

Author: Thenetguruz