Work pressure, hectic routines and never ending targets ………. Don’t these words create a heated illusion? Whereas in contrast we are galloping towards the festive season to dampen the heat and get your collar down. Jimretouch is also gearing this Christmas with his passionate staff, which will give them an opportunity to close Photoshop and stop retouching, get their collars down and party hard.

Here Jimretouch gives you a festive gift idea to set your partners mood on fire, gift her sexy lingerie and get a return gift out poured with love and overwhelming gratitude. Christmas is all about being with your loved ones, gifts candies at that exuberant feeling of togetherness, passion and Love.

Before choosing a lingerie

  1. Know your women’s size may be by secretly spying at her wardrobe and don’t get caught while you do this.
  2. Choose lingerie in which you had been fantasizing your partner.
  3. Know her body type, what she looks good in, as lingerie comes in different shapes and sizes.
  4. Do take care of the brand. Good brand always gives good fit.
  5. Wrap it extremely well gift it with a rose on top.
  6. Try and keep it simple yet hot so that you are not messed up unhooking a complicated design, which can turn off the momentum.
  7. Once your partner slips in your gifted wardrobe, roll out your camera and shoot boudoir and show her on camera itself and tell her how sexy she’s looking; this will set the start up of your festive mood
  8. Rest happens by itself we don’t have to elaborate. Just relax and enjoy your Christmas

So jot down these points and rush to give your beloved a sexy surprise this Christmas.

Jimretouch is not just about retouching and Photoshop it loves to Retouch and ignite your lives with love and passion.

Author: Rahul Sharma